About Us

The CEO Academy® was founded by Dennis Carey in 1999 and incorporated as CEO Academy, Inc. at 437 West Smuggler Street in Aspen Colorado in 2001.


The program was designed to facilitate the learning curve for relatively new CEOs of public corporations by attending a one and a half day “immersion” program taught by experienced CEOs, members of the business press, and professional service advisory firms.

CEO Academies have been sponsored by the M&A Group, M&A Enterprises, For CEOs Only, Inc, The Prium, G100 and the iGroup, Inc. A collaborative relationship has also been established with the Wharton School designed to prepare future CEOs through Board Academies designed for current CFOs and Lead Director Academies which have been led by non executive Board leaders at TYCO, DELPHI, FORD, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson to date.

Contributors and faculty for the various CEO Academies under the auspices of Companies founded by Dennis Carey have included Bob Lane, (Deere), AG Lafley, (P&G), Kevin Sharer, (AMGEN), George David, (UTC). Fabrizio Freda, (Estee Lauder), Harvey Golub, (American Express), John Dasburg, (DHL Airways), William Stavropolous (DOW Chemical), George Buckley (3M), Ed Breen (TYCO), Ray Gilmartin (MERCK), Michael Dell (DELL), Raj Gupta (Rohm & Haas), Mike Armstrong (ATT), John Smale (GM), Stephen Kaufman (Arrow Electronics), Josh Weston, (ADP), Lawrence Weinbach (UNISYS), Joseph Badaracco (Harvard Business School, Matthew Bishop, The Economist), and Bob Hurst (Goldman Sachs), among many others since 1999.